List of needs discussed at ARC Volunteers meeting 3/27/19

Following are minutes from the meetings. If you would like to get involved in this grass-roots efforts, please fill out the form in the TAKE ACTION button on top right corner of the page .

Marketing/Social Media

  • To create a powerful marketing camping to make public aware of the service we provide.

  • Need to fine tune mission statement for clear and succinct message.  


  • Volunteers require training/background checks.

  • Create manual with protocols for volunteers.

  • Utilize an app to manage volunteer hours.

  • Establish a 24-hour hotline for callers.

  • Identify safe places (i.e, coffee houses) to meet with clients

New Sub Committees: It was determined that two additional sub-committees are required to complete the mix of disciplines.

Development (new sub-committee)

  1. Connect with the local political leaders.

  2. Engage legal professionals to guide with legal issues involved.

  3. Create Community Relations (police dept., houses of worship, schools, hospitals, psychologists)

Technology (new sub-committee)

  • Back-End website management